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I'm a creative Front-End Developer based in Lagos, Nigeria.

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I am a creative Software Developer with strength in the Front-End side of Development. My background in Mechanical Engineering, Corporate Strategy and Technology inform my mindful and definitive approach to problem solving. As a Multipotentialite, I am passionate about anything Design, Arts, Entrepreneurship and particularly anything Technology and its ability to change lives for better. I consider myself a problem solver, eager to build on my knowledge to solve the problems of humanity in any way I can.

My hunger for problem-solving and determination into action has contributed to my career achievements during my time as Corporate Strategist and Head of I.T. at Country Homes Limited, and as a Front-End Developer at Stutern. At Country Homes I led the I.T. operations where I helped boost productivity for the firm. Meanwhile, due to my willingness to know more about the core of technology (that I am most passionate about), which is Software Development, I gave myself a new challenge and enrolled at Stutern Graduate Accelerator which has been my greatest decision so far because it shaped me into what I have really wanted to be. Computer Programming is limitless, the feel of creating something from absolutely nothing, taking a black canvas and producing solutions... It is an extremely interesting thing, and it is what I want to do forever.

I am currently at Stutern as a Front-End Developer and I am open to new challenges. Reach out to me on saburahmed794@gmail.com to connect on topics like Technology, Arts & Design, Entreprenuership and Environmental Advocacy.

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My Latest Works

Check out some of my latest works below.

Sample Project

A webpage built with HTML, CSS (no Bootstrap), JS.

Movidom Project

A Movie Rental Web App built with HTML/CSS, JS.

BMI Checker
BMI Calc React

A BMI Calculator Web App (mobile) built with ReactJS.

Yummy Meal Planner

A Meal Planner App built using custom API from Airtable

Flybeta Project

A Travel Booking App built using HTML, Bootstrap and JavaScript.

Facebook Landing Page
Fb clone design

A clone of Facebook's landing page designed using Figma.

Movidom UI Design
Movidom UI Design

A UI Design of Movidom using Figma.

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I am good at what I do not because of what I know, but because of my thirst for knowledge, my ability to understand fast, and my willingness to change and evolve to make the world a better place.